North Knoxville
2018-19 Community of the Year


Here is what we accomplished:

  • July 12: Emerald Youth Cleanup of Emerald Avenue.
  • July 21: Cleanup in the Holler
  • August 14: Ignite Serves Old city Graffiti Blitz
  • August 16: Knoxville Leadership Foundation Cleanup of Central Avenue
  • August 18: Cleanup on Broadway: Fountain City
  • August 22: Lady Bosses of Knoxville: Enviornmentalism
  • August 25: Trash Buster Adopt-A-Road Cleanup of Cline Road
  • September 4: Adrian Burnett Elementary Staff Presentation
  • September 6: Other Than Ourselves Cleanup at Central High
  • September 8: North Knoxville Community Cleanup
  • September 13: Recycling Trailer at Endeavor Summit
  • September 23: Vineyard Church Cleanup of First Creek Park
  • September 29: First Baptist Church- Powell cleanup of Emory Road
  • September 30: Open Streets
  • October 3: Christenberry Elementary School Community Service Club
  • October 6: Second Creek Cleanup
  • October 6: Fourth and Gill Cleanup
  • October 9: Whittle Springs Middle School Outdoor Classroom Build
  • October 10: ARC 3R's and Seed Bomb Presentation
  • October 12: University of Toledo (AKPsi) Cleanup of Davanna Avenue
  • October 13: Halls Croassroads Women's League Adopt-A-Road Cleanu of Andersonville Pike
  • October 15: Adrian Burnett Papermaking
  • October 16: Adrian Burnett Papermaking
  • October 17: Adrian Burnett Papermaking
  • October 17: Christenberry Community Service Club Rock Painting
  • October 17: Nature's Way Montessori Cleanup of Murphy Road
  • October 17: Wright Family Cleanup of East Beaver Creek Road
  • October 18: Adrian Burnett Papermaking
  • October 19: Adrian Burnett Papermaking
  • October 20: Christenberry Outdoor Classroom Build
  • October 20: University of South Carolina Alternative Break Cleanup of Oakwood-Lincoln Park
  • November 5: Trash Run at Hops and Hollers
  • November 11: KAPOW Cleanup of Central Avenue Pike
  • November 17: Christenberry Daffodil Planting
  • November 30: Legacy Parks Cleanup
  • December 8: Cleanup Dutch Valley
  • December 8: Pint Night at Hexagon Brewing Company
  • January 5: PoP Club at the Winter Farmers Market
  • January 12: Tazewell Pike Cleanup
  • January 17: Berea Cleanup of Broadway
  • January 19: UTK MLK Day of Service
  • January 23: Inskip Arts and Crafts Club
  • January 28: Inskip Garden Club
  • February 5: Christenberry Talking Tree
  • February 6: Inskip 5th Grade Resource Use Presentation
  • February 8: North Knox Buisness and Professional Association Presentaion
  • February 12: Powell Buisness and Professional Association Presentation
  • February 12: Christenberry Bird Seed Hearts Program
  • February 16: Inskip Community Cleanup
  • March 2: Inskip Community Cleanup
  • March 6: KLF Cleanup in Fountain City
  • March 6: Christenberry Carton to Garden
  • March 8: Sterchi Elementary 3 R's presentaion
  • March 20: Get Off Your Glass: Spring Cleaning Edition
  • March 22: Wright Family Cleanup of East Beaver Creek Road
  • March 30: Fouth and Gill Cleanup
  • April 6: Ijams River Rescue
  • April 16: Legacy Parks Cleanup
  • April 27: Inskip Neighborhood Cleanup
  • May 2: Christenberry Kindergarten 3R's
  • May 3: Inskip Party in the Park
  • May 4: Fountaincrest Neighborhood Cleanup
  • May 4: Inskip Community School Cleanup
  • May 4: Knoxville Highlands HOA Cleanup
  • May 11: Elkmont Exchange Trash Run
  • May 30: Legacy Parks Clenaup
  • June 4: Christenberry Summer Program- Talking Tree
  • June 11: Christenberry Summer Program- Papermaking
  • June 18: Christenberry Summer Program-3R's
  • June 24: Dr. Suess and Resource Use at North Knoxville Branch Library
  • June 26: The Vickie Bailey Team AAR

North Knoxville Survey

We would love your input about how we can make the best impact on your community. We prefer to work with existing momentum and not to reinvent the wheel. Have a project already underway? Know of a problem spot? Have a dream project?

Please let us know so that our efforts can dovetail with yours, and so we can best serve your community. We know the people who live in a community know best what their neighborhoods need, so we want to hear from you! If you live, work, or play in North Knoxville, please complete the short survey below and pass it on to your neighbors and friends. 

*As a small nonprofit with limited funding, we cannot guarantee that all suggestions will be implemented--but we will consider all proposals and appreciate all ideas!

1= Low Priority and 4= High Priority
Please rate the need for litter pickups in North Knoxville
Please rate the need for graffiti cleanups in North Knoxville
Please rate the need for landscaping beautification projects in North Knoxville
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