North Knoxville
2018-19 Community of the Year


We are excited to announce that North Knoxville will be the Community of the Year from July 2018 through June 2019. For this fiscal year, we will focus on North Knoxville for cleanups, education, and beautification projects--while still helping out in other parts of the county. Join us by volunteering!

Here is what we have done since July 2018

  • July 12: Emerald Youth Cleanup of Emerald Avenue.
  • July 21: Cleanup in the Holler
  • August 14: Ignite Serves Old city Graffiti Blitz
  • August 16: Knoxivlel Leadership Foundation Cleanup of Central Avenue

North Knoxville Survey

We would love your input about how we can make the best impact on your community. We prefer to work with existing momentum and not to reinvent the wheel. Have a project already underway? Know of a problem spot? Have a dream project?

Please let us know so that our efforts can dovetail with yours, and so we can best serve your community. We know the people who live in a community know best what their neighborhoods need, so we want to hear from you! If you live, work, or play in North Knoxville, please complete the short survey below and pass it on to your neighbors and friends. 

*As a small nonprofit with limited funding, we cannot guarantee that all suggestions will be implemented--but we will consider all proposals and appreciate all ideas!

1= Low Priority and 4= High Priority
Please rate the need for litter pickups in North Knoxville
Please rate the need for graffiti cleanups in North Knoxville
Please rate the need for landscaping beautification projects in North Knoxville
Please rate the need for murals or other public art beautification projects in North Knoxville
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