Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti is a perennial and costly blight on our city. It is estimated that nationally, $1 – $3 per taxpayer is spent annually by municipalities, public transit departments, residents, and businesses to remove graffiti or repair the damage it causes. Graffiti can negatively affect property values by as much as 15% and burdens the victims of these crimes with the responsibility for cleaning them up.

The good news is that graffiti programs have been proven effective, and that immediate removal is one key element.  With support from City Council Member Marshall Stair and the City of Knoxville, Keep Knoxville Beautiful's graffiti-abatement pilot program supports the victims of graffiti and our entire community by offering the following services:

1. Providing free graffiti abatement kits, paid for by the City of Knoxville. Contact us for a kit. Kits include:

  • Chemical graffiti remover
  • Paint tray sets (including tray, roller, and naps)
  • Drop cloths
  • Steel wool pads, fine and medium
  • Wire brushes, medium or large
  • Gloves
Graffiti kits are tailored to the affected surface (painted or unpainted).

Graffiti kits are tailored to the affected surface (painted or unpainted).

2. Serving as a knowledgeable support center to answer questions. Contact us if you need information about resources and how to best remove various types of graffiti.

3. Organizing graffiti paint-outs to remediate vandalized surfaces. Volunteer to join a paint-out here.