Make your office greener!


Springtime is here and what better way to celebrate then by taking steps to make your office greener! With some of these easy habits and quick changes your company can reduce their footprint and even save some money in the process.

  1. Start a Green Team for your office- Grab a couple of enthusiastic individuals and start a green team! This team can brainstorm ways to keep the office green, raise awareness, and accomplish way beyond just a couple of changes.

  2. Eliminate styrofoam and plastic- A great step that can be taken by all, and even more so in offices, is to eliminate the use of styrofoam and single use plastics. Yes plastic might be easy and durable to use but, it takes decades to break down and cannot be recycled. So it’s time to embrace the single use plastic office lifestyle. Use reusable water bottles, washable cups and cutlery, and even collaborating with other companies to not ship their products covered with unnecessary plastic lining.

  3. Reusable mugs- It’s 2019 and we know you all have reusable mugs either in use or collecting dust in your cabinets! It’s time to break them out. The build up of paper cups over the year reaches unfathomable amounts. Around 16 billion disposable coffee cups are used each year- and this is not even counting the amount of paper or plastic cups also in use. There is a simple and easy solution….buy a reusable mug.

  4. Paper- There is no need to print every memo or announcement. Inter-office communication can be done easily over the computer or even in person. Try to minimize printing and paper use as much as possible.

  5. Manage waste efficiently- The office is a great centralized location where you can play your part in reducing overall waste consumption. Ensuring that you have a recycling bin on hand and are even separating plastic, paper, and glass can create a great impact!

  6. Turn it off- Another simply way that you can make a change is just by turning off your electronics when you leave. Wow! Yes, it is as easy as that. Our devices are still consuming energy even when they are not in use. So unplug that charger and put that laptop in sleep mode.

  7. Collaborate with other businesses and companies- If you want to do even more start by collaborating with businesses you work with. Discuss that you are avoiding single use plastics with venues and event planners or even that contents you ordered don’t need to be shipped covered in plastic.

    These small and simple tips can create great big impacts on your overall office footprint. Happy Springtime from KKB :)