South Knoxville
2016-17 Community of the Year

Here is what we accomplished:

  1. March 2016: Dumpsite cleanup at Dogwood Elementary Outdoor Classroom
  2. April 2016: Trash Run from Alliance Brewing Company
  3. May 2016: First Goose Creek Cleanup at Mary Vestal Park w/Aveda and Tennessee Clean Water Network
  4. May 2016: Provided recycling services for Vestival at Candoro Marble Works
  5. June 2016: Second Goose Creek Cleanup at Mary Vestal Park with TN Achieves
  6. June 2016: Provided recycling services for Remote Area Medical's Salute to Service at Island Home Airport
  7. August 2016: Graffiti paint-outs of the Scottish Pike Park train tunnel and an Edington Road retaining wall
  8. Sepember 2016: Cottrell Street Cleanup
  9. October 2016: Cleanup of Goose Creek from Vestal United Methodist
  10. October 2016: Hosted a 30-person Trash Run from Trailhead Beer Market
  11. October 2016: Cleanup of Sevier Ave from South Knoxville Elementary
  12. November 2016: Planted over 2,000 daffodil bulbs on Sevierville Pike near the end of James White Parkway
  13. March 2017: Worked with 11 neighborhood associations, 9 other groups/clubs, and 60 individuals (for a total of 302!) during our Community-Wide South Knoxville Cleanup. The cleanup included litter pickup, a graffiti paint-out, and invasive species removal.
  14. May 2017: Hosted a 50-person Trash Run from SoKno Taco
  15. 2016-2017: Educational Outreach: Visited South Knoxville Elementary five times and New Hopewell Elementary six times to teach the importance of litter prevention, recycling, and good environmental stewardship.