South Knoxville
2016-17 Community of the Year

South Knoxville was Keep Knoxville Beautiful's first Community of the Year. From July 2016 until June 2017 we focused on South Knoxville for cleanups, education, and beautification projects--while still helping out in other parts of the county. Here is what we accomplished:

  1. March 2016: Dumpsite cleanup at Dogwood Elementary Outdoor Classroom
  2. April 2016: Trash Run from Alliance Brewing Company
  3. May 2016: First Goose Creek Cleanup at Mary Vestal Park w/Aveda and Tennessee Clean Water Network
  4. May 2016: Provided recycling services for Vestival at Candoro Marble Works
  5. June 2016: Second Goose Creek Cleanup at Mary Vestal Park with TN Achieves
  6. June 2016: Provided recycling services for Remote Area Medical's Salute to Service at Island Home Airport
  7. August 2016: Graffiti paint-outs of the Scottish Pike Park train tunnel and an Edington Road retaining wall
  8. Sepember 2016: Cottrell Street Cleanup
  9. October 2016: Cleanup of Goose Creek from Vestal United Methodist
  10. October 2016: Hosted a 30-person Trash Run from Trailhead Beer Market
  11. October 2016: Cleanup of Sevier Ave from South Knoxville Elementary
  12. November 2016: Planted over 2,000 daffodil bulbs on Sevierville Pike near the end of James White Parkway
  13. March 2017: Worked with 11 neighborhood associations, 9 other groups/clubs, and 60 individuals (for a total of 302!) during our Community-Wide South Knoxville Cleanup. The cleanup included litter pickup, a graffiti paint-out, and invasive species removal.
  14. May 2017: Hosted a 50-person Trash Run from SoKno Taco
  15. 2016-2017: Educational Outreach: Visited South Knoxville Elementary five times and New Hopewell Elementary six times to teach the importance of litter prevention, recycling, and good environmental stewardship.