Current Adopt-A-Road Participants

Who can participate?

Businesses, civic clubs, churches, or other organizations (including families) may adopt Knox County and other grant-eligible roads.

Requirements and Agreements

Group adopting road

  • Adopt section of a County road for a three year period.
  • Conduct a minimum of two litter clean up each year at designated, adopted road.
  • Request and return all supplies in a timely manner.
  • Report all litter-pickup activities.

Keep Knoxville Beautiful

  • Provide all documentation
  • Provide group with trash bags, gloves, safety vest, litter pickers, and safety signs.

Knox county Solid Waste

  • Final approval of adoptable roads/groups.
  • Assist with waste disposal
  • Furnish Adopt-A-Road sign (after two cleanups 6 months apart)

For more  information about the Adopt-A-Road program please contact or call 865-521-6957.

Apply for Adopt-A-Road

Group Address *
Group Address
Spokesperson Name *
Spokesperson Name
Should be the person who will coordinate cleanups and supplies dates with KKB.
Spokesperson Phone Number *
Spokesperson Phone Number